We’ll Listen. We’ll Deliver!

The benefits of using Fairview International

  • Independent contractor augmenting your workforce.
  • Global-sourcing communication expertise.
  • Culturally diverse and seamless business environment.
  • Experienced total cost of ownership.
  • Networked correspondence for logistics, customs clearances, licensing, duty.
  • Professional consideration of your intellectual property / technology.
  • Highly esteemed partner relationship .
  • Quality requirements remain critical.
  • Delivery options.
  • Serious about sustainability.
  • Confidence.

This is not about us. It is about what we can do for you and what we can do together. Let our team that has built solid relationships go to work for you. We want you to know that we are the right people for your business.

Global supply chain is an option that we can open up for you. Our method is to help you find a sustainable supply chain that is currently beyond your reach and allow you to do it without increasing human resource overhead.

Confidence is what we are about and we can help!

Our Services

Our services include:

  • Source some, or all, of your product’s bill-of-materials.
  • Supply chain solutions to allow cost comparison.
  • Representing commodities & industries for quick access.
  • Consulting activities and practices.
  • Contracted support of supply sourcing.
  • Flexible arrangements.
  • Source USA and Asian Operations.

Along with US domestic Operations we source China and Malaysian Operations.

Our Business Model

Helping companies maintain a healthy profit level, establishing budget protocols related to the process. We help you up front with this.

We act as liaison between your organization and the vendors, being responsible for adhering to procurement guidelines, and contributing to the financial strategy of your organization. We evaluate potential and established vendors and negotiate agreements to procure the merchandise.

We gauge the strengths and abilities of our vendors, as well as expose any weaknesses that might impact the financial strategy. Upon agreement, we prepare a Request for Proposal (RFP), submitting bids to support your goals. We will analyze the information for determining vendors to contract. We negotiate with the chosen vendors regarding the terms of agreement, documenting clear expectations as well as establishing final pricing structures. Contracting will specify guidelines and stipulations articulated in the agreement, including, but not limited to, goods and services purchased, contract length, time frames expected for delivery of goods or services, expectations in terms of quality and quantities, and clear payment terms.

Establishing a working relationship with these vendors is crucial. We are continually reviewing performance with market data and current market trends. This allows us to forecast future performance in the open market and recommend purchasing strategies that align with your organization's financial goals. We will spend a great deal of time translating this into information that you will eventually use to make decisions while protecting your intellectual property.

Want to talk?

We want to listen. We want to deliver.


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Jackson, WI 53037 USA

US: info@fv-intl.info