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Extending Your Resources using Global Sourcing

Navigating global sourcing needs specific expectations to be successful.  Without having any footprint in the region of interest, an organization could have their needs misinterpreted or unresolved. When we establish a presence in the sourcing region, we bring the ability to have supply meet expectations. Without this, a customer may not be developing the proper business channels needed to not only get initial orders going but also on-going production made.

At Fairview International, LLC we have, and continue to, establish relationships with supply partners to meet the expectations of your company and the products it needs to have sourced.

We can help!

An international Supply Chain Network

An international Supply Chain Network

Is our global sourcing for you?

We’re here to help. It’s as simple as that. While we understand that not everyone will need the sourcing we provide, we also understand that some do need the partnering of a firm like ours. After we have a chance to determine whether we can provide what you need, we can establish a firm plan to move forward. We can support your operations by getting you the materials you need.

When you are at the point of asking a simple question, “Who can I trust to help us with our materials sourcing?” ¬†Contact us. We can help as your contract broker and your supply chain consultant.

An international Supply Chain Network

An international Supply Chain Network

We want to help you

At Fairview International we are not your normal business partner. We are interested in making international sourcing work for you. Upon meeting the criteria for continuing discussion, our business model is to establish an open book pricing strategy with clients. The criteria is based on needs of the client as it is our intent to help. When we can both see the business strategy then we will work to get you started. As we progress, we firmly believe that you will see the strength that our partnership will have with your success.


Supply Chain Consulting

We can help you strengthen your supply chain systems. Using component categorization techniques, we help our clients with knowing their best position in the supply chain. How to target these items for strategic and tactical methods will deliver results and provide the assurance that you have an established supply channel supporting your business needs.

Your Supply Chain Consultants!

An international Supply Chain Network

An international Supply Chain Network